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Iroquois Smudge Pots

See a size comparison with a soda can of the 2"-3" and the 4"-5"smudge pots

Left to Right: current designs of our flat 2"-3" and round 4"-5" smudge pots

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These beautiful smudge pots are hand-carved and etched with various designs by an Iroquois artist. They are made of soapstone and come in flat or rounded styles. For our current designs, see above. The 4" to 5" pots weigh 13 oz, and the 2" to 3" pots weigh 5 oz.

Order Code Description Price
R-295-23F Iroquois Smudge Pot:Flat:2"-3" (5-8 cm) US$95.00
R-295-45 Iroquois Smudge Pot:4"-5" (10-12.5 cm) US$135.00

Native Made in Canada

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