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Rattlesnake Packs


See a size comparison with a quarter.

This is a nice souvenir of assorted real Texas Western or Eastern diamondback rattlesnake parts. One piece each of rattlesnake fang, bone, skin, and rattle is mounted on a cardboard backing that measures 4" long and 2.75" wide. Each pack weighs approximately 0.1 oz.

Order Code Description Price
R-598-50PK Rattlesnake Fang/Bone/Skin/Rattle Pack US$9.00

Not for sale in Oregon.
None of our rattlesnakes products come from California or Oregon.

Genus and species: Crotalus atrox. Wild. Texas Western diamondback rattlesnakes.

Genus and species:Crotalus adamanteus. Wild. Texas Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes.

Texas Western and Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes are not endangered and are not subject to CITES controls. 

Not for export outside of the United States.

Product of the USA

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