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Female Rabbit Skins

Assorted Dyed Colors


Black Dyed Female Rabbit Skin

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We offer Dyed Breeder Rabbit Skins in a few colors. The purple rabbit skins have been dyed professionally in the United States using high quality dyes.  The black rabbit skins were dyed in Spain or the Czech Republic.  You will be impressed with the quality of the dye job.  These skins will not lose their color if they get wet.  The skins have excellent fur quality and are soft and supple. They are 50% to 100% bigger than regular rabbits from Spain and the hair tends to be heavier than that of the typical Spanish rabbit.  These rabbit skins are chrome tanned.

The #1/#2 rabbits are good quality skins with few, if any, imperfections. The #3 are more heavily furred skins that have serious cosmetic problems.  They may be torn, ripped, have holes, bald spots, etc.  These are ideal for craft projects that require heavier fur. 

Please note that the dyed rabbits do have a chemical odor as a result of being dyed. They may also have a mothball odor as well because we have to prevent bugs from getting into the skins. You can reduce this odor by either airing them out or by tumbling the skins in a dryer with a dryer sheet on very low heat for no more than five minutes. Any more than this will shrink the rabbit skins and you will no longer have the option to return them if unsatisfied. If you're worried that the rabbits skins may leave an odor in your dryer, we suggest you use a public laundromat.

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Order Code Description Price Per Skin Based on Volume
1-99 100+
R-283-1-CZB Dyed Female Czech Rabbit Skin:#1/#2:Black US$20.00 US$20.00
R-283-11B Dyed Female Spanish Rabbit Skin:#1/#2:Black US$14.00 US$13.00
R-283-31B Dyed Female Spanish Rabbit:#3:Black US$13.00 US$12.00

Genus and species: Oryctolagus cuniculus.  Ranch.

Product of Spain or the Czech Republic
Purple rabbit skins are product of Spain and dyed in the USA


The above video shows an assortment of #1/#2 purple (283-11D092) and #1/#2 black (283-11B).

The above video shows an assortment of #3 black (283-31B).