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Synthetic Rabbit Foot Keychains

Left (clockwise from the top): Red, Teal Green, Baby Blue, Lavender, Pink, and Beige keychains; Right: White keychain

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These lucky rabbit foot key chains are available in dyed colors only. You can specify the specific colors you want or we can send you assorted dyed made up of the colors listed below.   These are NOT real rabbit feet.  We also have REAL rabbit foot keychains.

The rabbit feet are 2.5" to 3" long. The rabbit feet are attached by plastic caps to a gold colored chain.

Please note that our minimum order is US$75.00. You can mix and match other items from our site, but the total before shipping must be US$75.00.

Orders for quantities more than 24 must be by the dozen

Order Code Description 1-23 24-999 1000+
R-42-00AS Synthetic Rabbit Foot Keychain:Dyed Assorted Colors US$1.50 US$0.65 US$0.60
R-42-00BB Synthetic Rabbit Foot Keychain:Dyed Baby Blue US$1.50 US$0.75 US$0.65
R-42-00BE Synthetic Rabbit Foot Keychain:Dyed Beige US$1.50 US$0.75 US$0.65
R-42-00LV Synthetic Rabbit Foot Keychain:Dyed Lavender US$1.50 US$0.75 US$0.65
R-42-00PK Synthetic Rabbit Foot Keychain:Dyed Pink US$1.50 US$0.75 US$0.65
R-42-00RD Synthetic Rabbit Foot Keychain:Dyed Red US$1.50 US$0.75 US$0.65
R-42-00TG Synthetic Rabbit Foot Keychain:Dyed Teal Green US$1.50 US$0.75 US$0.65
R-42-00WH Synthetic Rabbit Foot Keychain:Dyed White US$1.50 US$0.75 US$0.65

There are no export controls for this item.

Made in China


This video shows some of our real and synthetic rabbit foot keychains.

0:00 to 1:49 shows the real natural and dyed rabbit foot keychains.

1:50 to 3:26 shows the synthetic rabbit foot keychains.

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