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Moose antler Tips

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The moose antler tips range in size from 3" to 12"+ and they range in width from 0.75" to 2.25".

Order Code Description Price per tip
R-513-TIP-S Moose Antler Tip:3" to 6" US$12.99 each
R-513-TIP-M Moose Antler Tip:6" to 9" US$22.60 each
R-513-TIP-L Moose Antler Tip:9" to 12" US$36.50 each
R-513-TIP-XL Moose Antler Tip:12"+ US$57.99 each


Genus and species:  Alces alces.  Wild.


Moose are not an endangered species.


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Product of the USA