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Meerschaum Pipes

Top Row: Floral 020 and Head 006
Bottom Row: Plain 001 and Head 007

See a size comparison with a soda can.

Meerschaum, also known as sepiolite, is a soft white mineral. It is carved for use as smoking pipes. The meerschaum pipes gradually change color when smoked and will turn incremental shades of yellow, orange, and red from the base on up. The pipes are approximately 6" to 6.25" long, 0.5" wide, and 1.5" to 2.5" high. They weigh about 3.2 oz. They come in a case.

Order Code Description Price
R-1158-10-001 Meerschaum Pipe:Plain 001 US$125.00
R-1158-20-020 Meerschaum Pipe:Floral 020 US$125.00
R-1158-30-006 Meerschaum Pipe:Head 006 US$125.00
R-1158-30-007 Meerschaum Pipe:Head 007 US$125.00

There are no export controls for this item.

Made in Turkey

Meerschaum Pipe Styles

Plain Style #001

Order Code: R-1158-10-001

Floral Style #020

Order Code: R-1158-20-020

Head Style #006

Order Code: R-1158-30-006

Head Style #007

Order Code: R-1158-30-007