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Goatskin Leather Laces
25-Yard Spools

The two on the left are Dark Brown and the two on the right are Black.

See a size comparison with a soda can.

The goatskin lacing has a slightly pebbled grain and is firm with little stretch. The flat lacing is precisely cut and formed for consistent lacing and braiding. It comes in two widths and is put up on 25-yard (75 foot) spools. The 3/32" spools weigh ~1.7-2.2 oz. The 1/8" spools weigh ~1.8-2.1 oz.

Order Code Description Price
R-297-G332x25BK Goat Lace:3/32" x 25 yard:Black (~1 mm thick) US$16.00
R-297-G332x25DB Goat Lace:3/32" x 25 yard:Dark Brown (~1 mm thick) US$16.00
R-297-G18x25BK Goat Lace:1/8" x 25 yard:Black US$18.50
R-297-G18x25DB Goat Lace:1/8" x 25 yard:Dark Brown US$18.50

Genus and species: Capra hircus. Ranch.

There are no export controls for this item.

Made in the USA

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