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Fossil Cave Bear Teeth

Left: Canine (see a size comparison to a quarter)

Middle: Large Teeth (see a size comparison to a quarter)

Right: Small Teeth (see a size comparison to a quarter)

The fossilized cave bear canines are from Romania.  The canines are approximately 3.75" to 5.25" long by 0.75" to 1.25" wide and weighs about 1 to 3 oz. 

The cave bear teeth are from Russia and are sorted into large and small sizes.  The large teeth are 1.25" to 1.5" long by 1" to 1.25" wide and weighs about 0.4 oz.  The small teeth are 1" long by 0.75" wide and weighs about 0.2 oz.

Order Code Description Price
R-1230-10 Fossil Cave Bear Canine US$214.00
R-1230-11L Fossil Cave Bear Teeth:Large US$64.00
R-1230-11S Fossil Cave Bear Teeth:Small US$56.00

Fossils are not subject to CITES or USFWS controls.

Product of Romania or Russia