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#1/2 Grade Deersplit Leather

Left: Snow White

Right: Prairie Gold Bundle.  See it with an 18" long ruler.

The #1/#2 snow white deersplit leather is sold by the piece.  The pieces average 6 to 9 square feet. You will be charged only for what you get. No returns on cut leather. 

The snow white leather is particularly nice.  The firm we get this from uses a special process that colors the inside of the leather as well as the exterior.  We only get this once a year in the spring--feel free to place your orders early.

The #1/#2 prairie gold deersplit leather is sold in bundles of 100 square feet.  One random bundle had 31 pieces.

Order Code Description Price / Sq Ft
R-163-12-SW #1/2 Deersplit Leather:Snow White US$5.95 / sq ft
R-163-12-PG #1/2 Deersplit Leather:Prairie Gold (bundles of 100 sq. ft.) US$3.50 / sq ft

Genus and species:  Odocoileus virginianus. Wild.

All shipments outside of the U.S. require USFWS export clearance.

Product of the USA

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