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There's nothing like cruising an American interstate highway in a 6,000-pound Lincoln Towncar listening to Hotel California playing on the 8-track with the sunshine glistening off the acres of chrome on the hood that stretches into the distance like an aircraft carrier's flight deck. You can hear the carburetor suck the gas and watch the gas gauge move. The tires slap against the pavement--and no fool is dumb enough to try cutting you off. If this is your idea of heaven, you are in the right place.

See our gallery of Lincolns below to see what is available now. Feel free to call Paul Crosby at 1.800.206.6544. Our cars are located in Toronto, Canada and Niagara Falls, New York.


Gallery of Lincoln Towncars in Stock

1989 Lincoln Towncar

Order Code: R-1979-G01

This car was found in Oakville, Ontario. It has 42,000 kilometers and is in showroom condition. The car was custom ordered by an older Ukranian-Canadian woman for her own use--which was very infrequent. When her husband died, she finally started clearing out the garage and finally parted with her beloved Lincoln.

I like the car so much I hardly ever drive it. In 2010, it has had fewer than 1,000 kilometers put on the clock. The car still drives like it just came off the showroom floor. It sits in an underground parking garage for a high-end apartment building in Toronto and is protected from the elements.

Location: Toronto, Canada.

Price: US$20,000.00

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1978 Lincoln Towncar

Order Code: R-1979-G02

This car was found in Troy, Michigan and was purchased in April 2010. It has 42,000 miles. These appear to be original miles as the rear tires on the car at the time of purchase were still originals (and one promptly disintegrated on the trip back to Niagara Falls, New York). The car has been repainted and had much new rubber trim installed. This is an excellent fun car to tool around in.

Location: Niagara Falls, New York.

Price: US$14,500.00


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1988 Lincoln Towncar

Order Code: R-1979-G03

This car was found in Sudbury, Ontario. The owner of a small business bought it as a reward when he cashed out. It was his third car and was only taken out on beautiful days. When his wife had to go to a nusing home he moved into town and discovered that the car did not fit in the garage of his new house. He stored it for a while and then decided it was time to part with it. Until recently, it had never been driven in winter. The car is in excellent condition and is driven daily for a short commute. It has never been smoked in.

Location: Toronto, Canada

Price: US$7,500.00


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