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Real Animal Tails

Click on the box below for pictures, prices, and more information on each type of tail.  (The picture above shows from left to right: Natural Raccoon, Coyote, Shadow Fox, American Gray Fox, Silver Fox.) Use your BACK button to return to this page.

Badger Tails

Beaver Tails

Bobcat Tails

Buffalo Tails

Calf Tails

Chinese Raccoon Tails

Cow Tails

Coyote Tails

Deer Tails

Ermine Tails

Finn Raccoon Tails

Fisher Tails

Fox Tails

Goat Tails

Horse Tails

Kip Tails


Mink Tails

Nutria Tails

Opossum Tails

Otter Tails

Raccoon Tails

Rattlesnake Rattles

Russian Raccoon Tails

Sable Tails

Skunk Tails

Squirrel Tails

Tanuki Tails

Wildebeest Tails